CATP is a practical campaign which publicises and leaflets passengers about developments on the tube; we have even stood candidates in public elections.


CATP was begun in the late 1990s, following the announcement of privatisation plans for the London Underground by New Labour. These plans meant the break-up of the unified tube system, founded in 1933 as the London Passenger Transport Board.


CATP has always worked closely with the RMT and other unions and organisations which share our campaigning interests. 

CATP represents supporters of: 

  1. Bulleta unified and integrated transport system in the capital

  2. Bulletpublic ownership of all lines, maintenance and rolling stock, and public sector employment of all staff

  3. Bulleta safer, more efficient system which is planned and fully accountable to the electors of London

  4. Bulletpublic finance which can break the long cycle of under-investment, and no short-term "solutions" such as PPP which produced the shambles of Metronet´s collapse

  5. Bulletan environmentally-sound transport policy which can mean fewer private cars

  6. Bulletan affordable tube service, accessible to all, including disabled people

This web site:

  1. BulletCampaigns: Visit this section to find out about the latest action and campaign events.

  2. BulletPhotos: See CATP militants IN ACTION undermining capitalism!

  3. BulletPoetry: Anti-capitalist Odes scrawled by famous & infamous bards. Send in your contribution!

  4. BulletHistory Page: visit this page to read and see the history of the tube.

  5. BulletArt: art in, on and about the tube.

  6. BulletBlog: an online discussion forum for CATP supporters and critics

  7. BulletArchive: what has CATP been up to?

  8. BulletLinks

  9. BulletContact: CATP contact details.

NEWS . . . CATP is leafleting Kings X station on Monday 4th Oct 2010 in support of RMT/TSSA second 24 hour strike - 8.30am - 9.30am . . .

RMT demands investigation as Euston escalator fire exposes lethal consequences of axing tube station staff . . . visit . . . August 5 2010